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Curtis Contemporary: Zachary Stegeman

Here we meet Curtis Contemporaries committee member, Zachary Stegeman, of Brunswick.

What was your childhood library? Any special memories or favorite stories from your time there?

Merrill Memorial Library; Yarmouth, ME. I remember clearly Merrill Memorial Library as my “research library” for middle school reports. I remember too, when I decided I was big enough to go upstairs to the “grown-up” part of the library. There were bigger encyclopedias, bigger chairs, and lots of very good fiction to be read.

What is your favorite thing to do at Curtis?

My favorite thing to do at Curtis, as a patron & other than Booked for the Night, is to bring my kids in to gather our next harvest of books. Our four-year-old already has his favorites, and knows where to find them (Elephant & Piggie) & our two-year-old happily follows, pushing the cart full of books. We’ll walk through the Collaoratory en route to check out, and we always enjoy visiting Liz & Joyce upstairs.

Would you most likely be found reading a print book, or and e-book?


What are you currently reading?

On the recommendation of a long-time friend of Curtis Library, I am reading Elephant Company by Vicki Constantine Croke.