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I am doing some cleaning!

Posted by Chris Eames on August 30th, 2016

New to the Volunteer Coordinator job, I am trying to clean up all of our volunteer files; make them as up-to-date and as accurate as possible, and identify all that you bring to the library community!  Will you tell me who you are?  If you are volunteering now, please email me at and let me know.  Please tell me your name, what job you have been doing for us and when!  Volunteers mean a great deal to us here at the library and I want to make sure you and all your efforts are being counted and appreciated!

If you are not a volunteer now but would like to be, let me know that too!  We have Lots of opportunities and I would be delighted to welcome you aboard!  You may email me at as well.  Please let me know you want to be a NEW volunteer, introduce yourself, and give me your contact information.  I will get right back to you!

Thank you!

Chris Eames


Oh, the experiences you can have!

Posted by Chris Eames on August 10th, 2016

“There are so many things you can learn about, but
You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.”

  • I Can Read with My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss

I have been working at the library circulation desk for 19 years, a very quick 19 years!  It is enjoyable and interesting. I have gotten to know so many delightful people!   But the best part is the variety; no two days are ever the same.   I have had so many wonderful experiences just by being at the library.  They are rarely planned experiences and usually quite unexpected!  This past Friday, for example… our library Monarch butterflies were emerging from their chrysalises left and right, it seemed.  Every few hours, another one was being released.  Friday afternoon, I stepped into the children’s garden to watch our newest little friend flutter away.  Children and parents were gathered around. The butterfly took a tentative flight across the garden and settled on a leaf to air and stretch its new wings.   It was an enchanting sight.  After the others left the garden, I stayed there to watch this magical little creature the children had named “Unicorn”.   He was sitting on a low plant by the fence and his wings were opening and closing, first slow, then fast.  I was waiting for him to lift up into the air and go off into the world… but looking closely at him and admiring his beautiful markings, I realized he couldn’t fly away!   His front legs were caught in a spider’s web.  He was trying to pull his legs free but they were only becoming more entangled in the sticky web.  I lifted my hand underneath him raising him out of the web and brushed the netting off of his feet.  He walked around my arm and hand, staying with me for a bit, letting me enjoy this very special moment, before he finally glided away.

The library is a unique place.  It is not always about the books.  It is a place to open up your world, make it bigger, try new things!   And sometimes you are lucky enough to make friends with a butterfly!

Come spend time with us in the library.  Volunteer and become part of our exceptional community!

Coming Aboard

Posted by Chris Eames on August 1st, 2016

Hello there!  My name is Christine Eames and I am the new Volunteer Coordinator!  You have probably seen me working at the Circulation Desk where I am one of the co-managers of Lending Services. You have also heard my voice on the library answering machine!  As of this month, I have been working at the library for 19 years… and loving it!  Of course, my job entails spending time with books while smiling and talking to people.  Who wouldn’t love that??

Recently, after being asked to step in as the interim Volunteer Coordinator, I applied to add the Volunteer Coordinator duties permanently.  I am very excited about being awarded the position.  I am very accessible and looking forward to connecting with everyone.  I have lots of ideas and plans.  And I would like to hear all your thoughts too!  I have a new message box on the Volunteer Sign-In Desk.  Pick up my contact card or leave me a note and tell me your ideas and opinions!

If you aren’t already a library volunteer and are interested in joining our crew, I would encourage you to come aboard!  There are library volunteer applications at the Circulation Desk.  We have all kinds of opportunities from lending a hand at library programs, shelf reading, shelving, helping with gardens and grounds, stuffing envelopes, supporting our Genealogy Room, and delivering books to home-bound patrons.  We are a busy community center and opportunities are endless!  Please come in and fill out an application.  We would love for you to join us and I will talk with you soon!


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