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Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life in our towns by advancing knowledge, fostering creativity, encouraging the exchange of ideas, and building community.

Vision Statement

Curtis Memorial Library aspires to be an essential focal point of community life,  offering a safe, trusted environment in which the community’s needs will be met in the following six key areas:

  • The library will continue to be a home for readers where everyone can find the stories they want to read, listen to authors talk, share literature with each other, and explore the world through the written word.
  • The library will continue to ensure early literacy, providing parents and children with the language and literacy foundation children need.
  • The library will become a technology bridge,  providing support and training that will help individuals access the Internet and explore rapidly evolving technology.
  • The library will be the place to go for lifelong learning opportunities and information in the form of speakers, programs and learning materials.
  • The library will enrich the cultural and recreational lives of community members with materials and programs that inspire and entertain.
  • The library will continue to build its role as a key link between the community and its heritage, helping maintain the special sense of place that makes “here”  unique.