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Use a library computer

Getting started…

  • If a workstation is open and the screen indicates the station is available, you may sit down to use it
  • Move the mouse or hit a key to open the log on window
  • Enter all 14 digits of your barcode or all the numbers/letters in a guest id
  • At first log on a barcode holder’s default password will be last name ; please change this after initial logon (see below)
  • Guest accounts have no password
  • Review the Internet Use Policy when it is displayed, and click on “I accept”
  • Use the Start button to open the browser
  • Note that time remaining for this session displays in the minimized icon
  • You will receive a warning when 5 minutes remain in your session, and again at 1 minute
  • You may exit at any time. Only time used counts toward your total daily limit.
  • Total time allowed on any given day is two hours. In the Youth Services area sessions are allotted in 30 minute increments.


  • Click on Print Preview
  • Choose Print from the top of the screen
  • Default printer is defined to be the closest printer to the computer.  Accept this and choose the Print option at the bottom of the window.
  • A window will open showing a list of your print requests
  • You may hide this window and continue searching
  • When ready to actually print, click on the My Print List tab at the bottom of the screen, which re-opens the list of print requests 
  • Select each item you want to print (left click) and click on the Print button at the bottom of the window; the next window shows how much the print out will cost, based on the number of pages.  Decide whether to print this item or not, and click appropriate button.
  • You may delete items from your print list at any time
  • Items not printed will be deleted when you exit your session
  • Pay for your printout at the service desk
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