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Theme Kits

Theme Kits containing picture books, DVDs, and toys or games are available to Brunswick and Harpswell childcare providers for a one or two-month loan period. The collection covers topics such as families, exercise, and nutrition, with a particular focus on health-related themes; most of the kit materials were purchased with funds provided by the Community Health Information Partnership.

To reserve a kit, call Youth Services at 725-5242 x225 or email.


All Kinds of People – living with disabilities
All Year Long – the changing seasons
Children Around the World – life in different countries
Clean Machine – good health habits and hygiene
Dance, Dance, Dance – rock, stomp and twirl
Death and Dying – dealing with the loss of a pet or loved one
Doctor, Doctor I Feel Sick – illness and doctor visits
Every Body – how the body works
Fabulous Families – all kinds of families
Fun in the Fall – facts and stories about autumn
Healthy Chompers – oral hygiene and dentist visits
In My Community – people and places in our neighborhoods
Manners, Please! – when and where to say what to whom
Movin’ and Groovin’ – exercise
Nursery Rhymes & Silly Songs – new rhymes and old favorites
Nutritious and Delicious – eating healthy
Oh, Baby! – pregnancy, childbirth, and babies
Safe and Sound – stranger danger, fire & other emergencies
Science, Science! – exploring how the world works
Sometimes I Feel – expressing emotion and resolving conflict
Spring Has Sprung – facts and stories about spring
Welcome Winter – facts and stories about winter
Woof, Woof, Meow – animals as pets