About the Friends

How It All Began

In October 1965, Agnes N. Brown, Ann Riley, Claire Taylor, and Rosalie Treworgy sent a letter to 1,300 community members asking them to consider joining an organization of friends with the hope of accomplishing things that would give “added vigor to the library.” Their hope was “to make our good library even better.”

The price of a membership was nominal ($1.00) and by 1966 the newly formed Friends organization included 250 families. These early friends utilized the talents of their membership and the revenues collected provided a children’s story hour, delivery of books to those unable to access the library, the transformation of the basement of the original library into a meeting room, and events to celebrate National Library Week.

For over four decades, Curtis Friends have welcomed those interested in making our good library even better.

Today’s Friends

Curtis Friends is a nonprofit organization whose 700 members provide financial and volunteer support to the library. A volunteer Board of Directors meet monthly to provide leadership to the organization. The funds raised for the library by Curtis Friends are a combination of yearly membership dues, donations, and revenues from our two annual Book Sales.

This money is used to supplement the library’s operating budget which is chiefly provided by the towns of Brunswick and Harpswell. It enables Curtis Friends to provide the needed financial support for many programs the library offers to children and adults, as well as filling in other gaps in the operating budget such as library collections, staff education and development, equipment/software purchases, the library newsletter, and much more. The free museum passes available to patrons and the publication of the Family Resources Handbook are also projects provided by Curtis Friends.

Equally as important as the financial support given to the Library are the many hours of donated time given by individual Curtis Friends to enhance the operation of the Library. Curtis Friends organize the annual Book Sales, help to plan the Community Read, and oversee the Books on Wheels program which provides delivery of library materials to those who cannot make it to the library. The Friends also sponsor and host many events throughout the year, including Volunteer appreciation, the Mystery Writers Series, and others.