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In addition to the job “mega-sites,” there are many other sources of job listings. Remember that a vast majority of job listings are not posted on the Internet. Don’t forget personal contacts and local sources in seeking job openings.

Local Job Sources:

Maine Medical Center – Portland
Mid Coast Hospital – Brunswick
Parkview Hospital – Brunswick
Central Maine Medical Center – Lewiston
Maine General – Augusta / Waterville
St. Mary’s Hospital – Lewiston

Mercy Hospital – Portland

Maine Today.Com, Portland Press Herald, Kennebec Journal, Morning Sentinel and the Sun Journal

Times Record

Lincoln County News

Bonney Staffing Center

Maine school district job postings
Bates College
Bowdoin College
Kaplan University

Southern Maine Community College


Southern New Hampshire University

Central Maine Community College

University of Southern Maine

University of Maine, Augusta

University College System



Local Newspapers:

Maine Newspapers
Newspapers are listed regionally. Each link goes to the newspaper’s home page. From there, look for the classified section.

State Employment Offices:

Maine Employer Database produced by the Maine Department of Labor Center for Workforce Research and Information.


Maine Career Center
Job listings are located under the Job Seeker section. Registration is not necessary to search the listings. You can also view listings by employer. This database is currently limited in scope.

Maine State Jobs
If you’re looking for civil service or government jobs in Maine, this is the site for you! Produced by the Maine Bureau of Human Resources.

Job-Hunt Maine
This is a broad survey of career and job-search resources in Maine.

Company web sites:
A site that attempts to aggregate basic information about companies, such as address, profile, and financial reports. Basic information (address, recent news, brief profile) is free. More detailed information costs extra.

Search engines are always a great tool to use to locate a company website. To search a full company name, enclose the name in quotation marks (that searches it as a phrase).

If all you need is an address and telephone number, online telephone directories can help. Switchboard is just one of many such directories.

College career placement offices:

U.S. Universities
This site links to the main page of universities in the United States. From there, search for the career placement office, or look within a specific program or department for career services.

U.S. Community Colleges
Same as the above except it links to community colleges in the United States.

Professional Associations:

Associations on the Net
You can search or browse for associations on this site. Quite often associations host job listings. They may also run an electronic mailing list that allows job postings. This site lists only a portion of the associations in existence. If you don’t find it here, try searching in a web search engine such as Google.

Job Mega-Sites:

The following sites all contain a mixture of job listings or links to job listings and job search advice.

America’s Job Bank

Career Builder


Green Jobs:

An in-depth guide to careers and degree programs in the “green” sector. This new resource begins with a comprehensive look at green industries and then dives into specific professional and educational options in fields such as sustainability, renewable energy, green construction, recycling and more


A list of job boards “that focus on social or environmental responsibility.” the listings (some with annotations) cover general green jobs and jobs in specific industries such as solar energy and green building.

Green Careers Guide
Provides job seekers a go-to resource for green careers within the wind, solar, and geothermal industries. They’re linked by the Department of Energy.

Online Regional Job Listings:

The following sites all contain a mixture of job listings for specific regions of the United States.

Boston Works Center for Workforce Research and Information Employer Locator


Chicago Tribune

Michigan Talent Bank


Houston Employment


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