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Company Research

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Locating a job listing is just the beginning of the process. For any job that looks promising, you may want to research the company or organization. This research is a must before stepping into an interview. You can also tailor your resume and cover letter if you have both the job listing and some company information in hand.

There are many sources of information. Some can be found in the library.  Others are available on the Internet. If you’re not finding anything online, be sure to ask the reference librarian.

Company web sites:
A site that attempts to aggregate basic information about companies, such as address, profile, and financial reports. Basic information (address, recent news, brief profile) is free. More detailed information costs extra.

Search engines are always a great tool to use to locate a company website. To search a full company name, enclose the name in quotation marks (that searches it as a phrase).

If all you need is an address and telephone number, online telephone directories can help. Switchboard is just one of many such directories.

Online Databases:

MARVEL! databases
Maine residents have access to a number of online databases through the Curtis Library or via remote login through MARVEL! Select the Business subject heading in the left-hand column. Some databases with employer information include ProQuest Newspapers, Maine Newsstand Business and Company Resource Center.

American City Business Journals
Search the Archives for articles from U.S. business journals. Viewing the articles requires free registration.

Internet Sites:

Hoovers Online
View information on some 12,000 companies. Brief information is free. Full information requires a paid subscription.

SEC Edgar
Publicly traded companies must file many reports with the SEC. Look here to access the 10K (annual) and 10Q (quarterly update) reports plus a host of other reports showing financial status and structure of public companies.
Learn what the insiders think. This site gathers interviews from current and past employees of a company.