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Harpswell on the Web

A collection of links to web pages about Harpswell, Maine

Austin Cary Lot
Management plan for the Harpswell forest managed by Baxter State Park Authority

Cundy’s Harbor Library
About the services offered, and the library’s history

Harpswell Anchor
Harpswell’s own monthly newspaper

Harpswell Business Association
Up-to-date information on all members, organized by category of business, as well as a map of member locations.

Harpswell Census 2000
Detailed data from the 2000 U. S. Census, plus historical stats

Harpswell Community Television
Harpswell’s Community Access channel

Harpswell Garden Club
The Harpswell Garden Club fosters a love of gardening through informative programs for its members and guests.

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
Working to protect and preserve access to the water and shoreline, the open spaces, and the natural beauty that defines Maine. Mission is to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Harpswell through education and land owner assistance.

Harpswell Historical Society
Learn about Harpswell’s history, including old postcards, historical articles, genealogy, the Historic District, and joining the Society.

Harpswell Information
“To provide information about Harpswell that will be useful to all who visit. The site was prompted by the Fairwinds Project, but I hope I will be able to provide information about a wide variety of topics over the long term.” Also Includes a calendar of events.

Harpswell Scrapbook
A community photo scrapbook for Harpswell, maintained by Burr Taylor. Photos of events, places, people, landmarks, scenes from the tv tower, panoramas, wildlife, tools and work.

Harpswell Town Government
Here on the official town government website you’ll find agendas, a schedule of meetings, phone numbers for town offices and elected officials, minutes of the selectmen, and more…

Orr’s Island Library
Hours and services

Tall Ships
Harpswell’s role in the world of wooden ships


Peninsulas, islands and the highest headlands join in an intricate design cast by the glaciers of the Ice Age to give Harpswell one of the most distinctive geographic profiles of any Maine-coast town. On the west is a single peninsula, Harpswell Neck, a thin finger of granite, pine and rolling meadows dotted with classic 19th-century homes, a scattering of working farms, white churches of architectual perfection and the no-nonsense front yards of the Neck’s scores of working lobstermen. To the east, Harpswell’s other half is really a string of three islands – Great, Orr’s and Bailey. Each is joined by bridges, of which the Cribstone Bridge that links Orr’s and Bailey is the only engineering marvel of its kind left in the world. Those who live on these islands are either part of the growing residential community, summer cottage owners or lobstermen and fishermen. Judging by the number of working boats moored in Mackerel Cove, Cundy’s Harbor and each of the several other fine deep-water harbors that are Harpswell’s greatest natural resource, those lobstermen and their fishing brethren are still a pivotal part of their community.

Harpswell is made up of some 47 offshore islands (the most in Maine and possibly of any town in the lower 48) with 216.8 miles of coastline. Local lore suggests the islands are haunted, some claim visits improve their health, and there is said to be buried treasure on some islands. While the islands are inviting because of their raw beauty and solitude, there are several islands that have unique features such as seabird nesting colonies, historic sights, and protected beaches.

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