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Gift Policy

Gift Policy – Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick, Maine: Approved by Curtis Board of Directors 1-21-2010


The library welcomes bequests and gifts for memorial purposes. All material purchased with memorial funds shall be marked appropriately.

Gifts of money, real or personal property, or securities will be accepted if the conditions attached thereto are acceptable to the Board.

Books and other materials will be accepted for inclusion in the collection only if they meet the same standards as those required of purchased materials. Gifts not meeting those standards, or duplicates of items already in the collection, or gifts not easily integrated into a library collection may be disposed of by the Director in a manner similar to withdrawn material.

Gift items will be integrated into the regular collection in normal sequence, available to all library patrons, and handled as any other material in the library.

Whenever a gift is no longer needed, it will be disposed of in the same manner as purchased material.

The library will not accept deposit collections which are not outright gifts and which do not meet the materials selections policy of the library.

Approved by Curtis Board of Directors 1-21-10