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Building Use Policy

Building Use Policy – Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick, Maine: Approved by Curtis Board of Directors 1-21-2010, revised 2-17-2012


Food and Drink:

  • Covered drinks are acceptable in the library, except in the 1904 Building.
  • No food is allowed, except in designated areas.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted except at the discretion of the Library Director for special, closed attendance events.

Noise Zoning:

First Floor:  Casual atmosphere; okay to talk in normal tone of voice, groups allowed at tables and computer stations.

Second Floor:  Quiet voices – this is an area for study and reading.

1904 Building (old Library):

Laptops and other technology may be used quietly in these rooms.  Headphones should be used for any audio play.  Please take cell phone calls outside so that others may continue to read and study.  This is an area for individual study and reading, study groups should use other areas of the library.

Electronic devices:

Audible devices (MP3 players, CD players, iPods, etc.) are permitted except in designated quiet areas and should be used with headphones, set at a volume that does not disturb others.


Staff phones are not for public use except for emergency situations. Cell phone use is acceptable consistent with area noise zoning.

Computer Area usage:

“Glass Room”:  Computer use for adults and teens, high-school age and above

Youth Services Technology Room:  Computer use for children, teens in junior high school, and adults accompanied by a child.

Children’s Area Games Computers:  Computer use for children.

Adult Technology Room on 2nd floor of library:  Computer use for adults and teens high school age and above.

Time-management on computers

The amount of time that patrons may use library computers is set through time-management software and varies throughout the building. (see procedures for specifics).

Thank you for helping the library staff maintain a welcoming, respectful atmosphere in a variety of useful spaces, for the enjoyment of all patrons.

Revised and Approved by Curtis Board of Directors 2-17-2012