Policy on Child Supervision

Curtis Memorial Library welcomes patrons of all ages.  Special care needs to be taken to ensure that the Library remains a safe and welcoming environment for children.

Curtis Memorial Library is a public building where parents or caregivers are responsible for the supervision of their children.  Library staff can not take the place of a parent, act as babysitter, or assume responsibility for unsupervised children.

Guidelines for Supervision:
1.    Children of age 5 and under shall be supervised at all times in the immediate presence of a parent or other responsible caregiver identified by parent/guardian.
2.    Children of ages 6-8 may be left unsupervised in the Youth Services area while the parent or assigned caregiver is in another part of the Library provided that:
a.    the child is able to behave appropriately while unsupervised; and
b.    the length of time the child is left alone does not exceed the child’s comfort level with the situation.
3.    Children of age 9 or older may use the Library unsupervised and are subject to the same rules and regulations governing behavior and use of the facility as adults.  See Behavior Guidelines Policy (P-8).
4.    All children must be picked up prior to closing time of the library.  Reasonable efforts will be made to locate the parent/guardian of a child who is unsupervised at the time of closing.  If a responsible person does not arrive to retrieve the child, two designated staff members will wait with the child near the Library entrance until the child is picked up. If the child is not picked up within an hour, the designated staff will call the Brunswick police, identify the child as a “found person” and have the Brunswick police take custody of the child.  Library staff members are not authorized to transport the child to any location.
5.    The consequences for the parent/guardian of any child who is left unsupervised at the time of closing, and requires Library staff intervention will be determined by the Library Director.  Consequences may include loss of family library privileges, an assessment to recover the cost of staff time, and/or other penalties.

Library staff members are not responsible for supervising children in any area of the Library.