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Curtis Goods

Need to stock up your freezer with coffee for visitors?

Looking for a quick gift for a party host? Check out these new Curtis Goods for sale.

Many are locally made, unique-to-Curtis items.

All proceeds go to support YOUR library.

A retired Mainer now living in the mid-Atlantic just ordered one of the Curtis mugs made by Ash Cove Pottery in Harpswell:
“I’ll think of Curtis every morning when I have my green tea!”

23 Pleasant Coffee


23 Pleasant, the coffee developed just for Curtis by Wicked Joe Coffee Roasting Co. in Topsham, $10/bag ea.

locally made

Coffee Selections:

Curtis Coffee Mug

curtis coffee mug
curtis coffee mug
curtis coffee mug

Curtis Coffee Mug, made by Ash Cove Pottery in Harpswell, $25 ea.

locally made

23 Pleasant Coffee and Curtis Coffee Mug

coffee and mug

Curtis Coffee Mug and a Bag of 23 Pleasant Coffee $30

note cards
note cards

Note cards (set of 10) featuring historic postcards of the library and Brunswick, $15 ea.

“Books to Check Out” Journal

books to check out
books to check out
books to check out

A pocket journal to track books you’ve read and those on your to-read list, $15.00 ea.

Curtis Friends Tote Bag

curtis tote bag
Curtis Friends Tote Bag $10.00 ea.

Curtis Sun Catcher

curtis sun catcher
Curtis Sun Catcher, made by Maine Art Glass in Lisbon Falls, $20.00 ea.
locally made

Curtis USB Thumb Drive

curtis flash drive
Curtis USB Thumb Drive – 2 GB capacity $5 ea.