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Canadian Cousins!

Posted by Elisabeth Doucett on June 23rd, 2017

This past week is a good example of why I enjoy genealogy so much.  I took the Ancestry DNA test and over time have written and received emails from the folks on my “cousins” list.  Most of those connections were very distant so, while it was interesting, it wasn’t particularly exciting, nor informative.

This week I got an email from a cousin who wasn’t as distant.  Turns out that her grandfather and my grandfather were brothers and I actually remembered meeting some of her family when I was young and we would take trips to Canada.  We sent emails back and forth figuring this out and then she sent me a photo of my grandfather and three of his brothers that I also had.  Bingo – we were definitely second cousins!

My grandfather was the one who “went to the U.S.” and really wasn’t heard from much after that by the Canadian relatives.  So, in her genealogy research my grandfather represented the unknown branch of the family.  That was kind of strange – I never felt like I was “lost”!

We had a great time emailing and I’m guessing that if there is an opportunity to connect in person in the future, we will do that.  In the meantime I have added names to my family tree and made a new friend.  And, that is what I call a good day for a genealogist.  Happy research!

Digital Public Library of America

Posted by Elisabeth Doucett on June 16th, 2017

If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at the Digital Public Library of America at .

From their website:  The DPLA connects people to the riches held within America’s libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions. All of the materials found through DPLA—photographs, books, maps, news footage, oral histories, personal letters, museum objects, artwork, government documents, and so much more—are free and immediately available in digital format.

The DPLA is a nice resource for genealogists because you can search for information at a local level by going to .  There, a map shows 567,353 results with location coordinates from over 120 contributing institutions.  You can click on the map to get to the place which interests you.

You can also search by timeline which is fascinating – go to .  There is a slider that can move from year to year and will tell you how many items are available from that year from the DPLA collection.  Included you’ll find maps, books, oral histories, letters, and much more.

I did a quick search on my family name and found a photo of my father from when he was in school that I had never seen before.  Now I’m hooked and I would definitely recommend checking the website out.  Happy research!

2017 Maine State Genealogy Fair – July 8, 2017

Posted by Elisabeth Doucett on June 9th, 2017

I thought this event might be of interest to local genealogists.  I particularly like the “Brick Wall Busters” part of the program and may attend just to take advantage of that resource – happy research!

The 2017 Maine State Genealogy Fair (July 8 from 9:00am to 2:00pm) is FREE to all. Visit The Maine Genealogical Society and dozens of other exhibitors who want to help you research your Maine family history.  Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to learn more about the resources available across the State, or just thinking about starting to research your own family history and wondering how to get started, there’s something for everyone.  

Brick Wall Busters are back at the Genealogy Fair this year, better than ever.  Attendees will have a chance to meet one on one with a seasoned researcher for tips on finding that one elusive ancestor.  

The 2015 Genealogy Fair was attended by 300 people and a lot of great fun was had by all. We have taken our learnings from that event and are planning a bigger, and better event for 2017.  Please join us as we explore all Maine History and Genealogy has to offer in this free one day event.


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