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Faces of Curtis: Neil Murphy

Neil Murphy

Neil Murphy

Peering up from behind the latest issue of MAD Magazine, Neil Murphy is settled into one of his favorite chairs in the Teen Zone at Curtis.

A 15-year-old student at Brunswick High School, Neil comes to Curtis four to five days a week with his counselors – and often on the weekends with his dad and friends. He enjoys picking out books and magazines, and using the computers. And this year, he discovered G-Force Laser Tag.

Neil's storytelling gets more and more animated as he shares details of suiting up in laser tag gear, working collaboratively on a team with other players, how cool it is to roam the library in the dark, and being one of the last two players to avoid being tagged.

At school, Neil enjoys social studies, health and science, and is working hard to recover from an ankle injury so he can play football next year.

"This is a really fun place. There are soooo many books here! I just really like to come here."

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