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Faces of Curtis: Kristin Jhamb

Kristin Jhamb

Kristin Jhamb

Old timers say “If you need something done, ask a busy person.”

Not many of us could be any busier than Dr. Kristin Jhamb, a physician of internal medicine with a very busy practice, an active family and strong commitment to her community. In spite of her workload, Kristin spends time regularly at Curtis with her girls, Allie and Rachel, as does her cardiologist husband, Dr. Paul Burns. Busy, yes, but active library users nonetheless.

In the days before kids, Kristin and Paul moved from Boston to Harpswell, drawn to the area in primarily by its natural beauty but also by a great town anchored by a great library. Now living in Brunswick, Kristin is struck by the small-town friendly community feel and the ease of getting involved.

Of Curtis in particular she says, “the staff is fabulous, we have such great librarians – many of whom have been here since we first arrived 15 years ago.”

Of her connection to Curtis Kristin explained, “I love to travel. I traveled a lot as a kid with my family. Now I want that for our kids so they can experience the world and love learning about the diversity of other cultures as I did. We get ready for every trip with books from the library.” But the family has a deeper connection as well.

“Hate is based in ignorance. After 9/11 I felt that we could help broaden people’s perspective on other cultures with books and information on world cultures and politics, especially with books for young people.”

To share their commitment to cultural understanding with others, the family makes an annual contribution to Curtis with the clear goal of supporting the library’s children’s collection of books celebrating multi-cultural heritage and the diversity of peoples around the world.

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