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Faces of Curtis: Joan Llorente

Joan Llorente

Joan Llorente

After fifty years in Brunswick, Joan Llorente could write her own story book about the people she’s met and things she has done in town, particularly at Curtis Library.

Joan reminisces about bringing her kids to the library in the old building, and watching families grow from her vantage as a volunteer at three school libraries as well as at Curtis (since 1997).

Joan is quite thoughtful about how things have changed in libraries and how they have stayed the same.

“Do you know that in 1965 I had to ask the librarian to get a book on childbirth out of the locked cabinet so I could read it? Today there is a whole shelf full of those books and anyone can check them out. That’s such a good change for libraries. But the comfortable, welcoming feeling I get here hasn’t changed, and oh, I like the staff so much.”

Not much gets past Joan Llorente. She is particularly sensitive towards the needs of others and how helpful the library has been to families when the economy was so bad. “Not just the children but the adults, too.”

And looking ahead to the future, “Curtis will never be outdated…keeping up with the times and the best and latest information. That has always been important and is still important.”

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