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Faces of Curtis: Jill Schneidewind

Jill Schneidewind

Jill Schneidewind

Jill Schneidewind remembers coming to the library with her parents, “It was a long time ago, I was little.”

[Jill’s mother recalls that it was 1970 when she brought Baby Jill up the old granite library steps in a pink baby carrier to take out books. As a military family, they moved away but were relieved to again be assigned to the Brunswick Naval Air Station in 1977; the kids could attend good schools and have their library back.]

For many years now Jill has been coming to Curtis independently to use the computers and to meet with her tutor. “I use email a lot, I have lots of friends and family…This is a special place–I like to take out books and movies.”

Jill meets weekly at the library with her Literacy Volunteer where they are currently reading The Secret Garden.

As a long-time participant with the Independence Association, Jill has grown to live her life fully with a joy that radiates around her during her daily trips to Curtis.

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