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Faces of Curtis: Conan McNamara

Conan McNamara

Conan McNamara

It’s not unusual for Brunswick Junior High teacher Conan McNamara to run into his students at Curtis.

Now in his 10th year of teaching, Conan currently works with 7th and 8th graders in the alternative education program at BJHS. Conan grew up in Brunswick, and is still drawn to “the 500s,” perusing the sciences.

Yet today he also stops in at the Teen Zone to catch up on what his students are reading.

Conan has been impressed with the evolution and sophistication of the graphic novels that speak to his teenage students. “Curtis offers an extensive collection. These graphic novels have become much more literary. The writing is fantastic. And the mixed media with dynamic graphics can do so much more than a book can do on its own.”

Conan speaks highly of what a great resource Teen Librarian Melissa Orth is for him and the teen community.

“I’ll call Melissa, give her a topic a student is interested in, and she’ll get back to me with 4 or 5 great titles that appeal to some of the most reluctant readers. I’ll usually pick one up for the student and one for me so I can keep up with what they are reading.

Melissa is really in touch with these kids and what’s going on in their lives. There’s something for every kid at Curtis.”

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