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Faces of Curtis: Betty McNally

Betty McNally

Betty McNally

On a glorious fall morning, Betty McNally sat in the Craft Neighborhood upstairs at Curtis, spinning wheel at her feet and a smile on her face.

She had been there just the night before, attending the Monday Night Craft Meet-Up with a dozen or so other staff and patrons of all ages and interests who gather weekly to craft, share ideas and resources, tell stories and support each other.

This group has also come to socialize outside of Curtis as well – creating a community within a community.

During a recent post-event get-together with crafters at a local restaurant, Betty recognized it was the vision and mission of Curtis Library and its staff that literally brought her to that table.

“I realized this library, MY library, was offering me social groups for face-to-face contact with people who share my interests. They were further supporting my interest in all forms of media, from helping me to download books to introducing me to new media tools like Pinterest to teaching me how to better search our catalog to get increased results. This group has become such an important anchor in my life.”

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