Download e-books


Use the Maine Infonet Download Library!

  1. First, make sure you have an active library card. You can log in to the Minerva My Account page to see what the expiration date is on your card. Cards expire once a year so that we can confirm your contact information. If your card is expired you may call the library to renew it.
  2. Second, prepare your computer for its new job. Details of this process are available in the Quick Start Guide on the Download Library home page.
  3. View the Download Library directly from your browser, or link to it from the CML web site. The Download Library (which grows each month) has audio books in two different formats (WMA and PM3 – see the Quick Start Guide for details) and e-books in the e-pub or PDF formats. Lists of items may be viewed by format, by genre, by audience (children, teens), or even by date of addition to the library.
  4. Choose an available item and download. The loan term may be 7 or 14 days, with no renewals and only e-books may be returned early. You may have up to three items checked out at any one time.
    • Choose the item you want and add it to your cart.
    • If the item is not currently available you may place a hold on it. You will be notified by e-mail when the item is available for you. From that point you have 3 days to download the item before it will be returned to the library for the next user.
    • Proceed to Checkout, where you must select your library and enter your card (barcode) number. Download your item, selecting where to store the files.
    • Most items act like physical books in that they can be checked out by one patron at a time. Some items however are categorized as “always available”, meaning that any number of people may have this item checked out at once.
  5. Once you download an item to your computer, use the Overdrive Media Console (for audio books) or Adobe Digital Editions (for e-books) to either play the item, transfer it to a mobile device or e-reader or, when the rights allow it, to burn the item to a CD.
  6. When the item expires, it will be removed automatically from your computer. E-books will also be removed from your e-reader, although audio books may not be an item you may download it again as long as it isn’t on hold for someone else.
  7. Check the FAQs on the Downloadable Library Help Page when you have questions, or contact the reference staff at the library.