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Dealing with Deployment


100 Days and 99 Nights: A Novel by Alan Madison
As Esme introduces her stuffed animal collection, she relates her family’s military life and her father’s deployment.

All Those Secrets of the World by Jane Yolen
The author remembers her childhood. When four-year-old Janie’s father goes off to war, the rest of the family moves to the grandparents’ house on Chesapeake Bay, where Janie learns a secret that helps her understand her father’s long absence.

Daddy, Will You Miss Me? by Wendy McCormick
A boy and his dad come up with lots of different ways to stay close to each other while the dad is in Africa for four weeks.

Hero Dad by Melinda Hardin
In brief text, a child likens his soldier dad to a traditional superhero.

Love Lizzie: Letters to a Military Mom by Lisa Tucker McElroy
Nine-year-old Lizzie writes to her mother, who is deployed overseas during wartime, and includes maps that show her mother what Lizzie has been thinking and doing. Includes tips for helping children of military families.

Magic Box: When Parents Can’t Be There to Tuck You In by Marty Sederman and Seymour Epstein
Casey and his father find a special way to share their love when his father is away on business.

My Father is in the Navy by Robin McKinley
When Sara’s mother tells her that her father is coming home, Sara worries because she has no memory of him. When the ship comes in and he appears, she remembers him.

My Red Balloon by Eve Bunting
A young boy waits with both excitement and apprehension for his father to disembark from the aircraft carrier returning to port after many months at sea.

Uncle Sam’s Kids in When Duty Calls by Angela Sportelli-Rehak
Shows how parents might address issues relating to deployment such as worry, anger, sadness, and anticipatin of homecoming.

when dads at seaWhen Dad’s at Sea by Mindy L. Pelton
Emily finds ways to deal with a six-month separation from her Navy pilot father when he goes to sea for six=month deployment.

While You Are Away by Eileen Spinelli
In first-person narrations, three children anticipate happy reunions with their parents who are on active military duty abroad.


Heroes at Home: Help and Hope for America’s Military Families by Ellie Kay
Ideas on how to cope with frequent moves, pre-deployment readiness, and how to stay in touch when families are separated.

Surviving Deployment: A Guide for Military Families by Karen Pavlicin
Learn what to expect, how to prepare, and how to personally grow as individuals and families

When Duty Calls: A Guide to Equip Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Personnel and Their Loved Ones for Military Separations by Carol Vandesteeg
Suggestions for making a Family Deployment Guide, conducting long-distance communication, household management and more.