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Winter Opportunities

November 24th, 2015


Winter is a beautiful time around the library but sometimes I feel that there aren’t as many volunteer opportunities. We have less events and things move slower. I am so pleased to be able to some familiar volunteer roles as well as bring some new ones to the table!

First, Children’s Services needs a couple volunteers at the end of November and again at the end of December helping with Lego club! Saturday November 28, 10:15 – 11:45, Saturday December 26, 10:15 – 11:45. They are looking for 1 volunteer each day (could be a teen since there will be parents around) to set up/clean up Duplo/LEGO Club and be there to encourage/help out kids as needed in the Morrell Meeting Room. Parents of the younger kids must stay in the room (and parents of older kids usually stay for most of the time) so the volunteer might not be very busy but you never know, and they could get as fancy as they want setting up water for sink/float, making a raceway with tables, etc., or just keep it simple putting out the materials.

Who doesn’t love the fire in the 1904 building in the winter? We are looking to find people who would be interested in signing up to cover shifts over the winter. We would like to advertise that there will be a fire each week on X day. Interested in learning more about being a fire tender? Let me know! I can provide you more information and the online sign up. This was a very popular volunteer role in years past and we are excited to be bringing it back!

Finally, one of the many fabulous ideas we received during the 10 Days 100 Great Ideas was a request to be able to use the garden entrance to the library during the winter since for most of us traversing the long walkways can be dangerous. I would love if we could get a group of reliable volunteers that would be willing to man a desk at the garden entrance for specific times every week from January through March. We could publicize those times to the community and let them know when that gate would be open to save a long walk to the library entrance that can be hazardous in the winter. (Don’t want to walk on the ice? Come to the library on Thursday mornings – the garden gate will be open and you can zip in the library’s back door!) These volunteers would need to have good public service skills and know how to direct people to the appropriate library staff. The volunteer could read or work as they wanted – they would just need to man a desk to keep an eye on that entrance.

November Volunteering Opportunities!

November 2nd, 2015


I went into Target yesterday and was bombarded with holiday decorations. We apparently skipped right over Thanksgiving. I find that bitter sweet personally because I want to treasure each day but professionally, I welcome a season of giving, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas. These seasons bring out the best in people, we are more generous with our wallets and time as we reflect on the gifts the year has brought us.

Why not kick off the season by getting involved at the library! There is a lot going on at the library this month that we could use a few extra hands.

Help set up and staff the Second Annual Curtis Contemporaries Booked for the Night after hours event on Friday, November 6. Get a front row seat setting up for the Conversations at Curtis on Thursday, November 19Click here to sign up for these activities!

On Saturday, November 7th, join the Curtis Friends as we assemble for the Fall Outdoor Clean Up. Together, we will put the Curtis Gardens to bed for the impending weekend. Lunch is generously provided by the Friends afterwards. Click here to sign up!
 A new addition to the month is the opportunity to get up close and personal Maine Poet Laureate: Wesley McNair on Sunday, November 8 from 1:30pm – 3:30pm. Volunteers welcome to help set up for the event, assist in sales of his work using a iPad and Square, and take down the event. Get a front row seat for this amazing event. Click here to sign up!
On Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21, join the Friends at Twice Told Tales (11 Pleasant Street) for the Annual Curtis Friends Children’s Book Sale. Help is needed setting up on Friday and then working the sale on Saturday. Click here to sign up!