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Curtis Memorial Library Speakers Bureau

Are you looking for exciting, interesting speakers to address your organization? Then take a look at the topics that follow, available for presentation by a Curtis Memorial Librarian.

If you are interested you can find many different talks about library subjects. However, you can also find many topics that are not library-specific such as “Facebook and your Privacy” or “How to Keep Track of Your Family through Google Calendar”.

All presentations are free and available to any Brunswick or Harpswell Community organization. Curtis librarians also offer customized talks to help you get to know your library – and how to get the most out of your library experience.

If you are interested in having a librarian do a presentation, please contact the librarian directly who has listed the topic of interest to you. If you would like a customized talk, please contact Liz Doucett at or call 725-5242, ext. 211.

Available Topics

A to Z Children’s Services at CML

From Awesome Activities and books for babies to children’s museum passes, interactive learning spaces, and a paper-maché Zebra, the library has much to offer children of all ages. This introduction to library services and resources for kids and their families can be tailored for your parent, educators, or civic group.

Speaker: Pam Jenkins | 207-725-5242 ext. 234

Curtis Memorial Library – An Economic Generator for Our Community

Curtis Memorial Library plays an important role in supporting the economic health of our community. This presentation will explore how the library acts as an economic generator and why the library’s health and well-being is so closely tied to that of our community. This talk will provide a new and intriguing concept for library advocates to explore and consider. (45 minutes)

Speaker: Elisabeth Doucett | 207-725-5242 ext. 211

Digital Content at Your Library

Discover how to check out e-magazines, audio-books, and more. For PCs, tablets, and e-readers. Feel free to bring your own device. An active library card is required to access these materials. (45 minutes)

Speaker: Michael Gorzka | 207-725-5242 ext. 218

Do You Want a Website?

Websites can be a wonderful tool for your business, blog or brilliant idea. Yet, what type of website do you need? Can you really build it? Would you be able to maintain it? We’ll provide a basic overview of the options you have and resources to help you get started.

Speaker: Hazel Onsrud | 207-725-5242 ext. 228

Facebook and Your Privacy

With over 800 million active users, Facebook is not just for kids anymore. It’s the 21st century way to let people know what you’re up to and to find out what everyone else is up to. But most people share too much – some, without even realizing it. Discover who can see your information, how it is shared, and how to customize your privacy settings to best protect yourself online. Customized Facebook training is available, including Facebook for Beginners and Facebook Photo Sharing. (1 hour)

Speaker: Sarah Brown | 207-725-5242 ext. 229

History of the Mystery

Who wrote the very first mystery story? And how has the genre grown and changed since that time? In this program, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about mysteries, from cozies to forensics.

Speaker: Pamela Bobker | 207-725-5242 ext. 214

How to Keep Track of Your Family – Google Calendar

Is your family always on the go? Do you ever need to determine if your other half is available to run an errand when you aren’t? (silly question…) While keeping schedules in the cloud isn’t a cure-all, it does allow for a first cut at who’s available when. (45 minutes)

Speaker: Marian Dalton | 207-725-5242 ext. 232

How to Make a Map

Maps come in all types of forms, and can be made with all types of data. We’ll provide an overview of some of the free tools you can use to give your data context and meaning. Other graphic visualization resources will also be mentioned.

Speaker: Hazel Onsrud | 207-725-5242 ext. 228

iMovie Basics

Create your own video project using photos, video clips, and music. This is a great class for beginners. (1 hour)

Speaker: Michael Gorzka | 207-725-5242 ext. 218

Introduction to Blogging

Get an overview of some of the more popular blogging sites, learn how to navigate around a blog and discover the basics of posting and commenting. (45 minutes)

Speaker: Michael Gorzka | 207-725-5242 ext. 218

Introduction to Genealogy and the Tools that will Help You Start Your Family Tree

Have you been interested in genealogy for a long time but never taken that first step to find out about your family history? This talk will help beginning genealogists identify the first steps they need to take to start their family tree. Additionally, information will be provided about the many resources available to today’s genealogists that make genealogy research interesting and much simpler than in the past. (45 minutes)

Speaker: Elisabeth Doucett | 207-725-5242 ext. 211

Keeping Track of Your Reading (and Wishlists)

There are several tools available to create inventories of your personal library, LibraryThing and GoodReads being the most prominent of them. This session visits both with an eye not only to managing your physical inventory, but also logical groupings of items: which books have I read? Which do I want to make sure I add to my wishlist? Do other people like this book or not? Social networking can be a component of both of these tools if you want, but need not be.

Speaker: Marian Dalton | 207-725-5242 ext. 232

Let’s Design Edible Landscapes

Do you have dreams beyond grass and pavement? Mushroom logs, vertical, kiwis and lemons are all possible to aesthetically grow on our Maine properties. Let’s make your edible property dreams come true. We’ll brush off my permaculture design certification and help audience members begin to design their dream landscape.

Speaker: Hazel Onsrud | 207-725-5242 ext. 228

The Library of the Future

The news regularly has articles and stories that ponder the “imminent” demise of today’s public library and the traditional book. Yet, a visit to Curtis Memorial Library on any day of the week will show a bustling, vibrant, heavily used library in which books are still critically important. What is the reality of the future of libraries and books? This talk will provide one library director’s perspective about how public libraries will evolve and change in the future and whether books will be involved. (45 minutes)

Speaker: Elisabeth Doucett | 207-725-5242 ext. 211

Market Research for Small Business Development

As a public library, one of our roles is to support small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, nonprofits, business professionals, and students through access to reliable resources. Whether you are in the startup or expansion phase of your small business, market research plays a crucial role in the success of any business venture. Topics covered include business plans, identifying customer demographics and spending behavior, and competitor and industry analysis. (1 hour)

Speaker: Sarah Brown | 207-725-5242 ext. 229

Not Your Grandmother’s Library – 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Curtis Memorial Library

Do you think of the public library as a quiet place where not much happens? If so, then you probably haven’t visited your local library in a long time. Today’s library is busy and vibrant. The local community comes together at the library for books, education, programs and entertainment. This talk will share with you some of the new and possibly unexpected services and programs that are available to you (for free) at Curtis Library. (45 minutes)

Speaker: Elisabeth Doucett | 207-725-5242 ext. 211

NoveList Plus – A Reader’s Best Friend

Do you need to find a good book to read, figure out the order of books in a series or get suggestions for an author who writes like your favorite author? How about finding reviews or more about you’re a book or author to use at your book group? Do you want to find award-winning books? We’ll teach you to find the answer to all kinds of “book questions” and use NoveList Plus, an online database available to all Maine residents for free.

Speaker: Pamela Bobker | 207-725-5242 ext. 214

Online Storage: Access your files from anywhere: Explore the iCloud and find out what online storage can do for you

Apple’s iCloud is the primary online storage system we’ll explore, but the class also provides some basic information of several other prominent storage sites. (45 minutes)

Speaker: Michael Gorzka | 207-725-5242 ext. 218

Picture Books for a Crowd

Reading one-on-one snuggled up in an armchair with an eager young listener is a wonderful experience, but crowds can be tough! Hear about new books as well as older classics that will hold the attention of a group, with suggestions on how to make your read-aloud sessions interactive and fun. Suggested for early childhood educators and anyone who works with groups of young children.

Speaker: Pam Jenkins | 207-725-5242 ext. 234

Pinterest for Crafters

Get inspired to do things yourself with decoration ideas, duct-tape crafts, costume how-tos and other creative hand-doables from around the web. In this session, learn how to upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos) through collections known as pinboards. (30 minutes – 1 hour)

Speaker: Sarah Brown | 207-725-5242 ext. 229

Programs for Teens that Grab Their Attention

Want to bring teens in through the door but do not have the time, the staff or the budget to do so? Get teens involved with the planning, presenting and promoting of events and see what happens. Melissa will cover the nuts and bolts of how to do just that while also offering a few program ideas that can be adapted and adopted by any organization serving this age group.

Speaker: Melissa Orth | 207-725-5242 ext. 227

Quality Health Resources at Your Library & Online

The Pew Research Institute states that researching health information is one of the top five uses of the Internet. The American Library Association estimates that about 37 million people each year use their library to find health information about medical conditions, choosing a health care provider or health insurance. We will explore some recommended sites to help you and your family access quality, reputable and up-to-date health information.

Speaker: Pamela Bobker | 207-725-5242 ext. 214

Searching with Google

A presentation that will share both the art and the science of constructing good queries that return more of what you want and less of what you don’t need. (45 minutes)

Speaker: Marian Dalton | 207-725-5242 ext. 232

Speaking to 7-12th graders about owning the challenges they face in life

After graduating from college, I broke my neck in in a serious skiing accident that left me temporarily paralyzed with an incomplete spinal cord injury. At the time in life when we are supposed to be transitioning into who we want to be as an adult, I had to face the possibility of a very different course than the one I had charted for myself. Through the story of my accident, recovery and a few key decisions along the way, I weave in a message about facing challenges – physical and those universal to the adolescent experience like issues of identity, self-worth, relationships – and the power of “the village” that we all have around us.

Speaker: Zach Stegeman | 207-725-5242 ext. 217

Teens + Books + Technology = Book Trailers:

Give teens a laptop and watch them create a short video promoting their favorite books. This workshop explains what a book trailer is, what technology is needed to create one, how copyright works, and how to connect teens, books, and readers to stories in a visual way.

Speaker: Melissa Orth | 207-725-5242 ext. 227

The Elephant on a Trampoline

How do you encourage an organization to move from being slow-to-move and uncomfortable with change to being one that is nimble, embraces the new, and is entrepreneurial in spirit? This talk will look at some of the ways that Curtis Library has made this change in its culture, what we have learned from that process, and how other organizations might gather insight and direction from what we’ve done. And, you’ll find out what we mean by an elephant on a trampoline!

Speaker: Elisabeth Doucett | 207-725-5242 ext. 211

Trend Tracking

The world is changing so quickly that sometimes it seems like an impossible task to figure out how to sort through that information and use it effectively. Trend tracking is one tool that can help. Trend tracking is the process of identifying developing trends in our society and determining how they might affect or be used by public organizations so that they are able to more effectively serve their communities. The presentation will identify a step-by-step trend tracking identification and analysis process. (45 – 60 minutes)

Speaker: Elisabeth Doucett | 207-725-5242 ext. 211

What is Sustainability and How Does it Relate to Me?

We’ll demystify the concept of sustainability and provide an overview of a few of the many ways in which you can participate in the movement towards sustainable development.

Speaker: Hazel Onsrud | 207-725-5242 ext. 228

Where Can I Learn Diy Skills?

Just because it is called “DIY” doesn’t mean you can’t “do it together.” Curtis Memorial Library is full of “How-to” books, and our computers provide access to thousands of free resources to let you learn new skills. Let us provide you with a survey of our access points to free DIY knowledge.

Speaker: Hazel Onsrud | 207-725-5242 ext. 228

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