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Curtis Contemporary: Laura McCandlish

Here we meet Curtis Contemporaries committee member, Laura McCandlish.

What was your childhood library?

My childhood library was the Bon Air Library in my hometown of Richmond, Va.

Any special memories or favorite stories from your time there?

I recently attended a story time with my kids there when back in Virginia over Winter break. But memories of my elementary school library at The Collegiate School loom larger. The wonderful librarian Mrs. Watkins there first recognized me as a writer through the annual book contests I entered, writing and illustrating my own publications starting in first grade. She held a special luncheon on the stage of the school cafeteria to honor the winners and their parents.

What is your favorite thing to do at Curtis?

Being a Contemporaries member! I love our dynamic committee, our engaging monthly morning meetings over Curtis Free Friday coffee and Scratch bagels, and am having fun helping to plan the local food-themed “Booked for the Night” celebration this year. I love playing in the pretend grocery store setup and attending Ms. Theresa’s Friday fun with my two-year-old. And I relish the oasis of fellow Contemporary Molly McGrath’s Fireside writers group.

Would you most likely be found reading a print book, or and e-book?

Mostly print books…I check out dozens at a time for myself and my two young sons! But I do enjoy my Kindle Paper White for middle-of-the-night bits of reading when I can’t sleep. Or more often when I was up nursing my babe–it was nice to get some Kindle reading in then. I appreciate being able to download free audio and Kindle books through Curtis’s Cloud Library (formerly the Overdrive) app.

What are you currently reading?

I can’t get enough of the many recent literary memoirs by fellow mother-writers. I’m loving Braiding Sweetgrass by Native American botanist (and mother) Robin W. Kimmerer. Brunswick farmer Lucretia Woodruff (of Milkweed Farm) recommended it for my book club.