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Curtis Contemporary: Jaed Coffin

Here we meet Curtis Contemporaries committee member, Jaed Coffin.

What was your childhood library? Any special memories or favorite stories from your time there?

CML was my childhood library! My favorite memories of going there as a kid: loading up on so many kids books that the checkout librarian had to kindly tell me to put some back.

What is your favorite thing to do at Curtis?

These days, I love knowing that I’ll always have a quiet place, a sanctuary, where I can work, think and write.

Would you most likely be found reading a print book, or and e-book?

Print! Never read e-books.

What are you currently reading?

Just about to read The Demon Dentist, as suggested by my 4th grade daughter. YA books—Hatchet, in particular—totally changed my life. As soon as I’m done writing stories for grownups, I want to write for teenagers.