Curtis Art – Children’s

  • Title: My Happy Birthday Picture | Medium: Painting, 17.5x11.7 inches Artist: Lisa Jahn-Clough Donor: Donated by the artist Location: Youth Services
  • Title: Alicia Has a Bad Day | Medium: Painting, 20.5x14 inches | Artist: Lisa Jahn-Clough | Location: Youth Services
  • Title: Sir Addlepate and the Unicorn | Medium: Pen & watercolor, 24x18 inches | Artist: Dahlov Ipcar | Donor: Dean and M’Lou Fales | Location: Youth Services
  • Title: Leopards | Medium: Oil on canvas, 45x23 inches | Artist & Donor: Dahlov Ipcar | Donor: Elizabeth Ismann & family | Location: Youth Services
  • Giraffe Eating Flowers
    Title: Giraffe Eating Flowers | Medium: Acrylic on board, 51x99 inches | Artist & Donor: Greg Sturniolo | Location: By entrance to Youth Services area