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Fall 2015 Mystery Authors Series – Jessie Crockett

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

jessieAnd to cap off our 2015 Mystery Author Series Curtis Memorial Library, Sisters in Crime and Maine Crime Writers will feature, Jessie Crockett.

Day & Time: Tuesday, October 20, 7 PM

Location: The Library’s Morrell Meeting Room

Jessie is the author of two mystery series, The Granite State Mysteries and the Sugar Grove Mystery series.

The Granite State Mystery series begins with “Live Free or Die, A Granite State Mystery”, featuring Winslow Falls, New Hampshire volunteer fire chief, Gwen Fifield.

The town people are convince an immigrant family is responsible for the recent Christmas fires but Gwen’s not so sure.

live freeThis mystery garnered Jessie the Mainstream Daphne Du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery. The Sugar Grove Mystery series opener, “Drizzled with Death”, finds Dani Greene, a fourth generation maple syrup maker, in search of the person who poisoned the pancakes at the pre-Thanksgiving day “all you can eat pancakes” event.

Next in the series is, “Maple Mayhem”, and her most recently published, “A Sticky Situation”, which was published this year.

About Jessie Crockett

A nearly life-long resident of the Granite State, Jessie naturally adores black flies, killing frosts in August and snow banks taller than the average grandmother.

Jessie tells us that when she’s not writing murderous mysteries she loves to putter in her garden, design bento lunches, and throw parties.

Jessie also loves mentoring young writers at the local schools.

Jessie lives with her husband and high-spirited children in a town “so small most New Hampshire residents have never heard of it.”

She loves hearing from her readers and says it makes the winters seem shorter so please drop by at

Dogs Don’t Lie: A Pru Marlowe Pet Noir — Clea Simon

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

pruIn “Dogs don’t lie: a Pru Marlowe Pet Noir,” the first book in the new Clea Simon series we are introduced to Pru Marlowe an animal behaviorist in training.

After a very serious illness Pru is left with an unusual gift one that Pru isn’t able to deal with. Pru has been given the ability to “hear” animal thoughts.

Thinking that running home to family will make things right she returns to her picturesque Berkshires hometown looking for a little peace.

Although Pru doesn’t have her behaviorist license she is able to find employment working with animals. One of her clients is Charles and his pit bull, Lily, a fighting ring dropout.

When Pru arrives at Charles’ house he finds Charles on the floor with his throat ripped out and Lily standing over him. Lily is too traumatized to give Pru a clear picture of what she has seen.

One thing Pru is sure of is that Lily had nothing to do with the murder not matter what the evidence shows and she is going to prove it.

Pru has to find out who the real killer is before anyone else is murdered as well as learn to live with her gift.

Too bad that her training as an animal behaviorist got her mixed up with Lily, a rescue dog, and Charles, her person.

Now Charles is dead, and Lily looks good for it. Lily is way too traumatized to give Pru a clear picture of what she has witnessed.

Clea SimonBut Pru knows something about bad girls trying to clean up, and, with a sense of justice strong enough to overcome her dislike of human society, she takes the case.

Listening to the animals, Pru picks up clues–and learns there are secrets in the pretty little town that make murder look simple.

Unable to tell anybody about her psychic abilities, uncertain at times about her own sanity, Pru comes to realize that if she clears Lily, she’ll likely become the prime suspect–or the next victim.

While the only creature she can totally trust is her crotchety tabby Wallis, Pru’s got to uncover the real killer–and find a way to live with her gift–before the real beasts in the town savage her and those she has come to love.

This is the first in the Pru Marlowe “pet noir”series.

– Carol Briggs

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