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Got games?

Posted by Melissa Orth on November 7th, 2017

Did the October/November power outage leave you wanting for unplugged entertainment? Even when there isn’t a blackout, table top games are great for making new friends (or enemies depending on how competitive you are) and challenge your brain while providing stress-free fun.

You will find a collection of table top games you can check out for three weeks (and more with renewal) in the TeenZone, on the back side of the DVDs.

Some games you might want to try:

Exploding Kittens: take turns playing cards. Your turn ends when you pick up from the pile but watch out: if you get an Exploding Kitten and you don’t have a defuse card, you’re out of luck and out of the game.

Codenames: in this quick and easy to learn game, teams compete to contact the most spies in their network using one word clues that have multiple word connections on the board. The choose the right word to lead to your teams spies without meeting the assassin.

Pathfinder: Skull and Shackles base set: If you already play Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons, then you might enjoy the board game version of those adventure RPGs.