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Brunswick High School Book Club

Posted by melissa orth on April 19th, 2016



Doesn’t she look like she resents that award sticker?

This is it, the last one, the final title in the Let’s Talk Graphic series up for discussion on Thursday April 28, 2:15 – 3:15 pm at Brunswick High School.

As the subtitle states, Tomboy is an autobiographical comic recounting Liz Prince’s childhood aversion to anything considered “girly”. And no, she is not a lesbian and no, she is not transgendered. Nor is she allergic to the color pink (though it definitely isn’t her favorite color.) What makes a girl a girl? Why is a girl who doesn’t like to wear dresses called a tomboy?

These questions and society’s assumptions are part of the conversation Prince has with the reader (and herself).

Join the conversation and pick up or request a copy of Tomboy today.


The Let’s Talk Graphic series, sponsored by the Maine Humanities Council, is a joint pilot project involving the Brunswick High School Library and Curtis Memorial Library during the 2015 -16 school year.