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Coins For Curtis

Posted by Michael Gorzka on February 2nd, 2016

I-love-curtis-libraryFebruary is LOVE YOUR LIBRARY month, and we’re excited to once again offer the COINS FOR CURTIS drive as a way for kids of all ages to support the Library’s Annual Fund.

Simply pick up a special COIN jar at the library (donated by Gelato Fiasco); fill it with coins anytime from February 1st – 28th; and return it to the library to receive a special Curtis Valentine.


All who return a jar will be entered to receive a $25 gift certificate to Twice Told Tales.

Then on Monday, February 29th (Leap Day!), we’ll invite some young helpers to the Cushing Street branch of Atlantic Regional Federal Credit Union to assist at a tally event by helping to pour the contents of the jars into the coin counting machine.

young helper

Those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters really add up – last year over $1,000 in coins were collected and donated in support of purchasing new books and digital materials for Curtis for all to enjoy.

Tech Meetup: Evernote For Note-Taking Friday, February 5, 12 Noon

Posted by Michael Gorzka on February 2nd, 2016

evernoteEvernote is a note-taking website and/or app designed to help you stay organized. You can enter text, images, audio, scanned documents, files, and more to your notebook, synchronize everything across all of your devices (PC, Mac, smartphones).

But better yet, you can then quickly find anything with powerful search that can even recognize text inside your files and images.

Some users refer to Evernote as their “external brain”, storing anything and everything in one easily-searchable location. Today’s session will introduce the basics of using Evernote.

If you are interested in its potential use for recording genealogical records, come to part 2, taught by Liz Doucett on February 12, same time, same place.

Day & Time: Friday, February 5, 12 – 1 PM

Location: Seminar Room

Contact: Marian Dalton | 207-725-5242 ext. 510

Another free resource

Posted by Elisabeth Doucett on January 29th, 2016

100847-98260If you haven’t checked it out yet, Family Tree University has another free e-book available, titled “Surnames: Family Search Tips and Surname Origins”. To get the book you have to share your email address but since I’m always interested in genealogy news from Family Tree, I’m fine with doing that. You can find the information about the free book at The “book” is actually a series of articles with a focus on name research.

I found the tutorial about “Refining Google Surname Searches” to be particularly helpful. I understand how to use quotation marks in Google searches (if you put quotation marks around the phrase you are searching, Google will only produce documents with that exact phrase). However, I’ve always been a bit fuzzy about how to use the plus sign and the minus sign effectively in Google searches (I probably shouldn’t admit this given that I’m a librarian!) The article clearly explains how to do this and immediately I found my genealogy name searching got more efficient.

Also, in the articles titled “Naming Names” there was a links to a very useful website that identifies women’s nicknames ( ). It took me some time as a genealogist to understand that frequently women would change the names they used on census and vital records from formal versions (Elizabeth) to a nickname (Liz, Betty, Beth, etc.).  So, it can be very helpful to know the options for nicknames when looking for elusive female ancestors.

Happy research and hopefully these resources will help!

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