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Running the Genealogy Marathon

Posted by Elisabeth Doucett on April 15th, 2016

(Hopkinton, MA 04/21/14) Women's Elite line up at the start of the 2014 Boston Marathon. Photo by Faith Ninivaggi

I just got an email from the New England Historic Genealogical Society with the headline “Genealogical Research is a Marathon, Not a Sprint”.  Then they suggested I buy some useful books to help in the marathon.

I’m not really interested in buying genealogy books at the moment but the headline resonated with me.  I’ve been “stuck” in the same place in my family research for a long, long time and I’m trying to figure out how to move forward in my genealogy “marathon”.   Plus, Monday is the Boston Marathon in which my niece is running so I’ve got “marathon” on the mind!

For those of you stuck in the same place, I thought I would share my plan for moving forward in case it might be helpful.

First, I’m going to stop researching the branch of the family tree where I’m stuck.  I’m going to take all the files associated with that research and put them in the closet for at least six months.  Why?  I’m hoping that a break might give me some perspective and help me figure out a new way to approach my brick wall.  Plus, in six months who knows what new information might be available online.

Second, I’m going to pick a new part of my family tree (far away from the problem part of my research) and start focusing on that.  I need to find the fun in my research again and there is nothing better than solving a new mystery.

Third, I’m going to start teaching myself more about genetic genealogy.  I’m fascinated by the subject but during the course of a conversation today with the library’s genealogy volunteer, Lynne Holland, I realized just how much I don’t know.  So, I’m going to shake out some of my genealogy cobwebs by learning something new.

That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Happy research!

What to do with your tax refund?!

Posted by Jessica Flaherty on March 23rd, 2016


According to Governing, Mainers received some of the lowest income tax refunds based on tax year 2011, roughly $2324. To see how other states stack up, click here!

If you are anything like me, that nice “unexpected” chunk of change may tempt you! We hear people in the Making it in Maine classes talk about how they are waiting for their refund to buy something specific, treat themselves or simply catch up on life’s expenses. Is there a right choice? Are there smarter ways to spend your refund?

I follow The Alert Investor on Facebook. Their frequent, easy to read and timely posts in my newsfeed serve as gentle reminders about financial topics I need to know about. Plus, the site is run by our grantor, FINRA, so the information will always be unbiased and safe! Recently, they posted a list of Six Smart Uses For your Tax Return and I simply had to share it! I am copying the list below, but I really encourage you to check out the full story!

1. Pay Down Your High-Interest Debt

2. Supersize Your Savings

3. Fund Your Retirement Accounts

4. Bulk Up Your Kids’ College Funds

5. Invest In Your Career

6. Plan For Next Year

As the article says, for many, the tax refund is the single largest check people receive in a year, use it well. But, maybe treat yourself too, just a little!

Haven’t done your taxes yet? We can help. There is still time to take advantage of our local FREE AARP or CA$H Maine tax preparation. Learn more here:

Not sure where to start with getting on the straight and narrow with your finances? We can help with that too! We are hosting the My Money Works series Thursdays, April 7, 14, 21, 28 , 9:30—12:30pm Seminar Room. This class can help you gain the skills and confidence you need to stretch your money, pay your bills, reduce debt, find money for savings, plan for retirement, and set personal financial goals. At the end of the class you will have a plan to achieve greater financial stability. To register for these FREE sessions call 386-1664 or email Or register online:


Tech Meetup: How to Create and Format Documents on a Mac Computer – Friday, March 4, Noon

Posted by Michael Gorzka on March 1st, 2016

In this tech meetup, we’ll cover how to create and format documents on a Mac computer using Pages and TextEdit.

Day & Time: Friday March 4, 12 Noon

Location: Second Floor Seminar Room

Contact: Michael Gorzka 725-5242 x218


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