Behavior Policy

Curtis Memorial Library is supported by the taxes of the people of Brunswick and Harpswell who expect our library to be clean, comfortable, and a safe place for selecting materials, reading, researching, studying, writing, and attending library or community sponsored programs and meetings.

To this end, the library is responsible for establishing rules of conduct to protect the rights and safety of library patrons, volunteers, and staff, and for preserving and protecting the library's materials, equipment, facilities, and grounds.

Enforcement of these rules will be conducted in a fair and reasonable manner. Library staff will intervene to stop prohibited activities and behaviors.

Failure to comply with the library's established rules, regulations, and policies may result in removal from the premises and expulsion from the library for a period of a few hours to one year, or in arrest or prosecution. Violations could also result in the restriction and/or termination of library privileges, including the use of library computers and other equipment.

For the comfort and safety of patrons, volunteers, and staff, and the protection of library property, patrons may not engage in any activity in violation of Federal, State, local or other applicable law, or library policy.

Additionally, the following specific actions are not allowed on library property:

  • ANIMALS: Bringing pets or animals, other than service animals necessary for disabilities or programming, into the library, except as authorized by the Library Director.
  • CHILDREN: Neglecting to provide proper supervision of children (see Policy on Child Supervision).
  • CLOTHING: Being in the library barefooted or without a shirt.
  • DISTURBANCES: Creating disruptive noises such as loud talking, screaming, or banging on computer keyboards.
  • DRUGS: Being under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs and selling, using, or possessing alcohol/illegal drugs.
  • FIGHTING: Fighting or challenging to fight, running, pushing, shoving, or throwing things.
  • FURNITURE: Putting feet on tables or chairs in a way that could potentially damage that furniture.
  • INTERFERENCE: Interfering with another person’s right to use the library or with the library staff's performance of their duties. This includes, but is not limited to, sleeping and/or exhibiting offensive personal hygiene.
  • SKATEBOARDING: Skateboarding is not allowed in the library.
  • SMOKING: Smoking, chewing, and other tobacco use in library facilities or on the library grounds.
  • STEALING: Stealing, damaging, altering, or inappropriate use of library property in library facilities or on library grounds, including computer hardware and software, printers, copiers, phones, and other equipment.
  • THREATS: Verbally or physically threatening or harassing other patrons, volunteers, or staff, including stalking, staring, lurking, offensive touching, and obscene acts such as sex acts and indecent exposure.
  • TRESPASSING: Trespassing in nonpublic areas, being in the library without permission of an authorized library employee before or after library operating hours, or camping on library grounds.
  • VOLUME: Using audible devices without headphones or with headphones set at a volume that disturbs others; using cell phones, pagers, and other communication devices in a manner that disturbs others.
  • WEAPONS: Carrying firearms and/or dangerous weapons of any type (except by law enforcement officers).

The above list is not intended to be a complete list of activities prohibited on library property. The Library Director reserves the right to prohibit any behavior on library property which the Director deems in his/her sole discretion to interfere with the patrons' usage of library facilities, to interfere with the ability of staff to perform their duties, to constitute a threat to the safety of any library property or any person, or to otherwise interfere with the ordinary operation of the library.