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GUEST POST: Tedford Housing

6 Tips to Help Save Money During the Maine Winter

Cooler temperatures often become a reminder of extra fuel and electricity expenses during the winter months in Maine. For a family or individual living on a limited budget, these months can be extremely stressful.

Tedford Housing receives many calls from community members who struggle to afford basic necessities. Our homeless prevention case manager, Pauline Hanson, helps people with things like rental assistance and budgeting year-round.

Following are Pauline’s six tips on how to reduce your costs during the winter:

  1. Pay your fuel company throughout the year. If you are unable to get onto a monthly budget because it is too costly, saving something toward your heating needs is always helpful, even if it is only enough for that first fill up before the heating programs open up.
  2. To save fuel, close off rooms that are not being used.
  3. Lower the thermostat to 55 – 62 at night and put an extra blanket (or blankets!) on the bed.
  4. Have a blanket on the couch to wrap up in when it gets chilly and open the blinds to let the sunshine in during the day. Sometimes the sun just needs to shine in to heat up a room. This is a no cost way to avoid cranking up the thermostat for a few minutes to take off the chill.
  5. If you like to cook, cooking soups and sauces on a lower temperature and for longer times will help heat up the kitchen area. If you are baking, leave the oven door open after you are done to let that heat flow through the house for a few minutes.
  6. Shrink wrap your windows for additional insulation. The wraps can be costly, so focus on the rooms you are in most.

Heating assistance resources for low-income households include Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Tedford’s Warm Thy Neighbor program. Warm Thy Neighbor provides one-time, emergency heating assistance to extremely low-income families and individuals in the community. Volunteers for Warm Thy Neighbor will start making appointments with eligible community members on December 1st.

Our mission:

Tedford Housing works together with people in their communities to find lasting solutions to the challenges of homelessness.

We provide shelter, housing, and services that empower adults, children and families in need.

For more information on Tedford Housing, call 207-729-1161, visit our website or follow us on Facebook.

jf: Thank you to Jennifer Iacovelli at Tedford for sharing this fabulous information with our community! We can all use help staying warm this winter.

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