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[Photo by pleasantpointinn]What is it? A collaboration of birdwatchers gathering data on the current condition of breeding birds, such as when they nest, how many eggs are laid, and how many young survive. Common backyard birds such as finches, robins, and chickadees are among the focal species. Information gathered from around the country helps scientists understand how changing land-use and climate effects bird populations.

Who sponsors it? Cornell Lab of Ornithology

What do volunteers do? Locate and observe a bird nest. Using a checklist, post observations online. Lots of resources are available at the website to assist in learning about the birds and their nesting habits.

Time commitment: Short online training and 8-10 visits to the nest(s) during a nesting cycle (a visit about every 3-4 days). Most nest cycles happen between April and August.

Kid friendly? Not ideally suited to children. Due to the vulnerability of nesting birds, this opportunity is children must always be supervised by an adult at nesting sites.

Time of year? Spring and summer


Photo credit: Pleasant Point Inn


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