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The Biography neighborhood is now in place!

biography neighborhood-shelvesPreviously, biographies were interfiled with the subject/field of the biographee. For example, biographies of scientists were in the 500s with all of the science books.

What we’ve done is pull out all of the biographies and autobiographies and shelved them together and still in Dewey Decimal order. This new Biography neighborhood is shelved near the reference desk on the second floor.

What: biographies and autobiographies. Usually not memoirs, which cover only a small portion of a person’s life.

Where: 2nd floor, near reference desk. Look for signs stating “Biography”

How to find a biography: Biographies are still in Dewey Decimal order, just placed in a more browsable collection. When you search for an item in the catalog, the call number will be preceded by "Biography."

Why: We are striving to create a more user-friendly, browsable collection. For years, Curtis library members have been asking us for a biography section. We listened! We want to make our collections easy to find and irresistible to browse.

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