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April is Financial Literacy Month

April is financial literacy monthApril is time to celebrate Financial Literacy Month! But what is financial literacy?

Earning, saving, spending, investing, budgeting, collecting, and giving are all part of handling money.

And handling money wisely is what financial literacy is all about.

Recommended Resources from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Building Wealth

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas offers this personal finance resource, which can be used individually or in the classroom to help young people develop plans for building personal wealth.


The Obama administration launched the Smart Disclosure Data Community to make potentially useful data available to consumers and innovators. This centralized platform contains hundreds of smart disclosure datasets and resources from dozens of agencies across government. Accessibility

This IRS Web site offers a full line of tax products and services, including federal tax forms and publications, for people who use special assistive technology, such as screen-reading software, refreshable Braille displays, and voice recognition software.


The National Foundation for Credit Counseling offers this Web site, which analyzes users’ behavior and provides customized feedback, allowing individuals and families to monitor and assess their financial lives and adjust their behavior to maximize their economic empowerment. The site is also available in Spanish.

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