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How to Fight Hyperconsumerism by Buying Nothing

Gift of the Magi Tips and strategies on how to resist the urge to splurge from wikiHow:

1. Examine your spending habits. Are your buying decisions motivated by your own values or by advertisements? Don’t be influenced by consumerism and an obsession with spending.

2. Stay home. If you don’t need to shop, don’t go shopping simply because you are bored. Don’t use shopping as a recreation or amusement.

3. Leave the money at home. The easiest way to not buy anything is simply not to take any cash, checks, debit cards, or credit cards with you when you go out.

4. Avoid plastic. Try putting your credit card in a container with some water and freezing it. That way you have it for holidays and emergencies but not just to go buy stuff.

5. Buy used. If you really need something and haven’t been able to beg, borrow, or dumpster-dive it, go to a thrift shop and get one for pennies on the dollar.


NOTE: The tips on the wikiHow page are first rate but the inline advertisements are not part of the article.

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