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21 Strategies for Creating an Emergency Fund, and Why It’s Critical

how to save for rainy daysThere can be times when money just stops coming in due to job loss or your business stops generating income.

Leo Babauta posted 21 easy, down-to-earth ideas for how to put together an emergency fund to help tide us through such “rainy days” on his website:

  • Start small. If you don’t have much to save, it doesn’t matter — the important thing is just to start. Even if it’s only $25 per paycheck, just start. It will slowly grow each paycheck, and you will be glad to see at least a little in your savings, and will soon be motivate to try to save more.
  • Payroll deduction. If you have discipline problems, there are accounts where you can have the amount deducted directly from your paycheck, before it’s deposited into your checking account (or before your employer cuts the paycheck).
  • Treat it as a bill. Every payday, you have a list of bills to pay before you can spend any of your money on variable expenses such as gas, groceries or eating out. Well, add your emergency fund contribution to your list of bills, and pay it at the same time. This makes it non-negotiable, and then what’s left over is what you can spend on other stuff.

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