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Curtis Money Featured Resource: Stop Acting Rich …and start living like a real millionaire

stop acting rich

“Thomas Stanley has written a fascinating book that is based on years of research into how the truly wealthy live.

Stanley’s main contention is that those with millions aren’t among the nation’s hyper consumers. Rather it’s the “aspirationals,” those seeking recognition as members of the moneyed set, who are loose with a buck. It’s a hypothesis offered often, but the difference is Stanley’s research.

He has packed his book with oodles of statistics — and not just the usual numbers. For example, 75 percent of millionaires pay $19.79 or less for a bottle of wine. When it comes to a dinner, 75 percent pay $24.53 or less and 95 percent keep the tab to less than $40. This is all fascinating stuff and Stanley presents it in a very readable style. Stanley has written two other best-sellers on millionaires. It seems he’s done it again.” (The Star-Ledger)

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