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Financial Peace Puppies

Posted by Michael Gorzka on July 23rd, 2012

peace puppyThe First Ten “Peace Puppies” from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Revisited:

1. Avoid “Stuffitis” – The Worship of “Stuff”

2. Plant Seeds – Give Money Away to Worthy Causes

3. Develop Your Own “Power over Purchase”

4. Find Out Where You Are Naturally Gifted – Enjoy Your Work and Work Hard

5. Live Substantially Below Your Income

6. Sacrifice Now So You Can Have Peace Later

7. You Can Always Spend More Than You Can Make

8. The Borrower Is The Servant to the Lender; So Beware!

9. Check Your Credit Report at Least Once Every Two Years.

10. Handle Credit Report Corrections Yourself.

See the rest – p. 277 to 278:

Financial peace revisited / Dave Ramsey ; with thoughts by Sharon Ramsey.