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Value Line Investment Surveys

Value Line binders behind reference desk What is Value Line?

Value Line is a stock analysis newsletter that is updated weekly and kept by subscribers to the print edition in large green binders.

Happily, the Curtis Memorial Library is a subscriber to the print edition.

The binders are kept behind the reference desk. Please ask a librarian for assistance.

Value Line is best known for the Investment Survey, one of the most widely read investment services in the world. Value Line online offers the same one-sheet summary as the Investment Summary, but also includes more up to date information on the stocks covered, as well as stock screening, custom reports, industry information, historical data, and email alerts.

You can access Value Line online from within MARVEL! Maine’s Virtual Library:

NOTE: if you want to access Value Line online from home (or anywhere outside the library), you’ll need to sign in with the barcode on the back of your library card.

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